1. small, little, tiny, Inf. teeny, smallish, diminutive; miniature, pocket-sized, bantam, Inf. baby, Inf. baby-sized, small-scale; wee, Inf. dinky, puny, Inf. pint-sized, short, Inf. half-pint.
2. slender, slim, thin, light; delicate, minikin, (of a woman). petite, gracile; lean, dapper, narrow, filamentous, filiform.
3. infinitesimal, minute, microscopic, molecular; inappreciable, imperceptible, imponderable, indiscernible; intangible, impalpable, subtle, fine, evanescent.
4. petty, minor, unimportant, insignificant, immaterial, irrelevant, not vital, neither here nor there; negligible, unsubstantial, insubstantial, inconsiderable, of no consequence, inconsequential, unnotable, unnoted; trivial, trifling, paltry, nugatory, worthless.
5. superficial, shallow, depthless, pointless, skin-deep; empty, vacuous, hollow, void; inane, fatuous, silly, airy, ridiculous, foolish, fatuitous; frivolous, frothy.
6. frail, feeble, fragile, flimsy, sleazy; weak, faint, Dial. pindling, enervated; attenuated, tenuous, weakened.
7. breakable, frangible; jerry-built, unsteady, undependable, defective; precarious, unstable, insecure; rickety, tottering, tottery, unsteady, Chiefly U.S. teetery.
8. tolerable, fair, passable, mediocre, moderate, modest; below or under the mark, below or under par, insufficient, not enough, deficient; inadequate, scanty, meager, sparse, skimpy, poor, weak, lame.
9. snub, cut, turn one's back upon, turn up one's nose at, Inf. high-hat. See snub(def. 1).
10. insult, affront, Sl. put down, Sl. cut up, give offense to. See snub(def. 2).
11. embarrass, disconcert, abash, mortify, Inf. gross out, upset; confuse, fluster, ruffle, discountenance, distract, discompose, confound.
12. scamp, slur over, touch upon, pass over lightly, skim the surface; do negligently, do haphazardly, do heedlessly, do carelessly, do superficially, do perfunctorily; skim over, slip over, skip over, trifle with; play with, toy with, Inf. mess or fool around; dash off, knock off, toss off or out; slough off, cut corners, cut a corner, fribble away; forget, neglect, overlook.
13. snub, cold shoulder, coldness, indifference. See snub(def. 5).
14. affront, insult, slur, dig, barb. See snub(def. 6).
15. rudeness, disrespect, ill-treatment. See snub(def. 7).

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